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Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

In today’s world of socializing, social media is widely used for almost everything. Businesses are also no exception to this fact. There are a number of companies that use social networks for conducting and promoting their businesses and building up their respective brand images. As the number of social media platforms has stepped-up, so has the need of a compelling, consistent ‘brand voice’ that will communicate you to your customers on this platforms. To maintain a good relationship with existing customers as well as attracting the new ones, you must communicate your message confidently and comfortably. To serve the purpose, you must make your brand social, easily accessible by people.

Make your website a community platform

If people are allowed to share things on your website, you will get more visitors which will lead to more customers. You have to encourage people to interact and leave feedback on your website which will help you to promote your brand. You have to add quality content to your website that will attract visitors. They should find the content interesting. For that, you can create blogs or share some interesting and relevant articles. The title should be attractive and the content should be short and easy to read. You can add images or suitable graphics. Another way to make your website social is to give the visitors incentives like sign up bonus, discount for account holders, voting or rating that encourages them to come back again. You can ask suggestions and feedback from the visitors which will help you to make your brand more social.


Some handy social tips

You can tell your own story in a way that is interesting. Your brand should be unique and it should be presented in a unique way to stand out in the crowd. You also have to build trust from the customers by filling all the information in the social networking profiles. Make a blog of your own that shows your skills and knowledge. You may give out some newsletters or free e-books. Don’t speak for yourself. Give chance for others to speak about you by letting others share testimonials and reviews. Get partners who can influence people so that you can reach a new network of customers. You should have a positive attitude, pay attention to the customers and care for them. Always be open-minded and hear what others have to say. If you make some mistakes, admit them and also apologize for them. Never forget to show the gratitude.

Knowing your brand and audience as well as speaking consistently and reasonably in all media channels is a great challenge faced by modern companies. However, by following the tips, you should feel more comfortable while communicating to an increasing audience.

Daniel Ruyter knows a thing or two about being social. In 2011 he co-founded the online marketing firm Alpha Tree Marketing.